Due to the pandemic that immobilized the world in 2020, we had to postpone the 33rd International Folklore Festival “Baltica” to the next year.

The organizers, though, have actively prepared for the event, corresponded with the participants from foreign countries, implemented other preparatory actions. However, in this difficult and uncertain epidemiological situation, followed by unfavorable forecast for major international events in June, the three organizing countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – decided to change the format and the date of the festival, but still keeping the spirit of “Baltica”.

In September, on the occasion of Equinox and of Baltic Unity Day, an online or, if the situation allows, a semi-online forum “Baltica-Web 2021” is planned to be held. It will be dedicated to the historical and cultural relations, and the traditional cultural elements of the three Baltic states. The content of the forum – seminars, discussions and presentations – will be linked to the last year’s theme “Ritual”, which will elaborate through musical – singing and instrumental – folklore, choreographical folklore, customs, gastronomic and other types of heritage, while highlighting archaic, ritual forms, as well as discussing the good experiences in safeguarding each country’s traditions.

And if the overall situation improves in September, there will be live folklore concerts, events and other public activities in each country.

Let‘s hope for the best!

The organizing and creative body of the festival BALTICA 2021