Dear participants and guests of the folklore festival!

Every nation has its own cultural identity, the indicator of its vitality is the original heritage, or folklore, that has withstood the trials of decades or even centuries. Folklore contains the roots of every nation, which has undergone various changes and developments along the timeline. Folklore is a value that must be preserved.

Baltica is a festival that makes its own small contribution to preserving and valuing local traditions and national cultural traditions on the world’s cultural landscape. This year’s folklore festival, which alternates between the Baltic countries, has come to Estonia again and carries an anniversary atmosphere for us. Baltica will be held for the 35th time.

For Estonia, the Folklore Festival Baltica is an opportunity to present to the world our own genuine folklore, our unique folk songs, dances, instrumental music, handicrafts and folk costumes in their authentic forms.

In addition to the national cultural meaning, the regional aspect of the festival is also important. The Folklore Festival Baltica brings together folklore enthusiasts from many regions of Estonia, including folklore groups of our ethnic minorities.

Let us value the heritage of our ancestors and appreciate cultural diversity.

Wishing you beautiful festival experiences

Heidy Purga
Minister of Culture