The Baltica 2019 International Folklore Festival will take place in Estonia 29.05 – 02.06.2019.

This year’s Baltica focuses on three themes – local specialities, festivities and language.

Baltica’s main concert will take place on the evening of May 31st in Tallinn Town Hall Square and from May 31 to June 2, a traditional village will be set up and concerts will take place on Towers’ Square (Tornide väljak), as part of Tallinn’s Old Town Days.

On June 1, the Baltica Folklore Festival will visit Põlva Days, the Sõmeru Rural Life Festival and Vinni Parish Days.

The Baltica International Folklore Festival is part of the global folklore movement. Baltica is the only festival in the world that takes place every year in different countries. Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania’s largest joint cultural project started in 1987 and takes place in turn in all tree Baltic countries. The first festival was held in Lithuania in 1987, the second in 1988 in Latvia and the third in 1989 in Estonia.

Baltica is the only folklore festival that focuses on historical forms of folklore, highlighting the rich, un-stylized and naturally evolved forms and values of our rich heritage that they carry. Baltica’s feature is authentic content, the bringing together of different forms of tradition (song, dance, musical instruments, customs, etc.) and the involvement of folklore groups and individual performers across Estonia.

Baltica festivals take place under the auspices of CIOFF® and always attract foreign visitors from the Baltic countries. as well as more distant countries.

The goals of the BALTICA 2019 International Folklore Festival

  • To maintain and preserve the tradition of the folklore festival jointly established by the three Baltic countries, which allows us to share and unite our national identity and traditional cultures;
  • To value traditional culture in our daily lives, drawing strength from national customs and memories, sharing them with each other and with others, and getting to know other nationalities and cultures;
  • To encourage local folklore movements, learn about the heritage of all Estonian historical and cultural localities, and encourage people to incorporate their own culture into their everyday lives, as well as during holidays;
  • To spark and develop carriers and enthusiasts of folkloric knowledge, those interested in their traditions, as well as beginners by spreading knowledge, teachings, advice, and setting a good example;
  • To highlight our indigenous languages during the International Year of Indigenous Languages;
  • To value a genuine heritage party and share good experiences with more and more people.


Baltica’s vision is to be a sustainable, international folklore festival, which maintains its values, is held every three years in Estonia, bringing together carriers of traditional folkloric culture, enthusiasts and lovers of culture from across Estonia, as well as guests from neighboring countries and further afield, to celebrate and develop different topics that are important to Estonian traditional culture.

Baltica’s objectives support the UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage and the objectives of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.