On the main stage of the heritage village and on the local stages, guests can learn about the local traditions of different regions of Estonia, enjoy their own and others’ performances, and let themselves be carried away by heritage. There will be workshops for every taste! There will also be artisans and representatives of cultural spaces offering crafting opportunities.

The instrument club members of the Mooste Folk Music School invite all music enthusiasts to a free concert! You can come even without an instrument and be a part of the collective making of folk music, with songs being born on the spot, here and now. We will play all the traditional instrument pieces we have loved for a long time.  

The music club operating at the Mooste Folk Music School unites music enthusiasts of different ages living in the South-Eastern Estonia region, who like to play folk music together once a week. Music pieces are learned by ear in the music club, and no arrangements are made to the music. Each member of the music club adds a few technical nuances, and the result is an enjoyable making of folk music together. From day one, the music club has been led by music teacher and ethnomusicologist Krista Sildoja 

The airing of folk costumes is a beloved and well-known activity where you can show off your personal folk clothes or draw inspiration and courage when the dream of a personal costume is still vaguely lurking in your mind. For two hours, there will be presentations of folk costumes, and the stories of how they came to be will be brought to light. Advice and help on the making and taking care of the costumes, options for complementing the sets and the traditions of wearing the costumes are shared by the crafters of the MTÜ Rahvarõivas. When clad in folk clothes, you can capture your beauty at the photographer Sandra Urvak 

At 13.00 the ensembel Palat number 7 of Pärnumaa Lõõtspillihaigete Society and the senior dance group Räämakad, and at 14.00 the Estonian Folklore Society Leigarid will perform.  

 Also take part in the virtual airing: on the day of the airing, share with us heartfelt moments of the making of folk costumes – post photos with your story on the Facebook page “Rahvarõivaste tuulutamine” and add #tuulutamine2023.  

Suomalaisen Kansantassin Ystävät (Friends of Finnish Folk Dance) dances and teaches Eastern Finnish and Karelian dances in Baltica. Half of the dances come from places that were part of Finland before the Second World War (Viipuri, Sortavala), and the other half come from Karelia – that is, from areas that in the past did not use to be behind cultural borders.  

Janne Suits and Kristi Kool have been working together since the fall of 2014. They are inspired by playing traditional dance music: the repertoire of the Estonian accordion, folk kantele and a fiddle. They also sing old songs about life and love. In addition to playing instruments and singing, they conduct workshops in traditional dances and singing games. They will do all that also in Baltica!  

It is time to pack up the instruments – the party is over! The performers of the final concert are: Plaiurile Dornelor (Romania), Diado Dragoi (Bulgaria), folklore ensemble Rags (Lithuania), folklore club Maatasa, folklore group Rati (Latvia), family folklore studio Garataka (Latvia) and traditional musicians of Sõrvemaa: Ammuker, Soe Jutt, Sörvemaa Sörmitsejad, traditional dancers of Kõrkküla.  

Foto: Rene Jakobson